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Amanda Alvaro

Political Commentator and Co Founder at Pomp & Circumstance


Amanda Alvaro is the founder of Toronto-based PR agency, Pomp & Circumstance. Previous to launching P&C, Amanda ran an award-winning lifestyle and consumer agency, building brands and profile for a variety of industries including, travel, telecom, fashion, auto, arts and health.

As a former advisor to several Ministers, Premiers and Prime Minister, Amanda has worked as a political strategist, analyst, marketer and communications expert for nearly 15 years – most recently on the Trudeau campaign in 2015.

Amanda is also the founder of Artbound, a Canadian charity responsible for building arts schools and programs in developing nations, including Kenya, India, Haiti and Guatemala.

Amanda is a regular commentator on CBC's popular political program, Power and Politics and can be found on the speaking circuit for topics like women in business, politics and arts education.

Amanda Alvaro

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