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Established in 2014, Concordia’s Center for Immigration Policy Evaluation (CIPE) is a research initiative based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

CIPE’s approach is based on the premise that public decision-making on immigration-relates issues must rest on clear knowledge about public policies and their impacts on immigrants as well as on receiving societies.

Immigration-receiving societies rely heavily on state policies to manage immigration and immigrant integration. Interestingly, a large portion of the scholarship on immigration and the state tends to be normative (e.g.: Who should the state let in? What is “right” or “wrong”?). Research pays little attention to actual immigration-related public policies (e.g.: What are the actual actions of the state in relation to immigration? How can we measure the impact of state actions?).

CIPE supports the production of research that addresses these issues. To do so, we also engage in the training of a new generation of immigration researchers. In addition, CIPE is active in the transfer of knowledge to and from social actors as well as collaborate with governments.

We welcome researchers and students from any discipline to participate in our activities.

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