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Poster Session: Sustainability Challenges in Supply Chains

Oringinally scheduled for Monday, March 16, 2020; 15:15-15:45


This poster session explores sustainability challenges in supply chains. Undergraduate students in MANA 369, Business Sustainability, worked in groups to understand an important supply chain sustainability issue, investigate what companies are doing to address the issue, and make recommendations for solving the issue.

Click on the poster titles to see the posters.

  1. Pierre-Olivier Dussault, Gabrielle Gregoire, Jasmine Miloud, Emma Simon, and Oliver Snell: Seafood to plate: Fishing for the truth about mislabelling
  2. Jaanam Mali, Patrick Yaremko, Sam Laczny, and Mathew Schiefer: Conflict minerals charging positive change
  3. C. Barrelet, F. Bresson, S. Lasalle, M. Thom, and S. Vallier: Transparent reporting on Indigenous community impact from the oil and gas industry  
  4. Elisa Antonucci, Thomas Comte, Rachel Fruehman, Jenna Sipprell, and Mayumi Pedraza: Forced labor in the fashion industry
  5. Dorothy Rafael, Natasha Liberman, Thomas Williams, Marie-Alizée Kuhn, and Chloé Rahier: Creating collaboration for transparent supply chains in the fast food industry to fight deforestation
  6. Denis Boily, Jeanne Dumont, Marie Bataillard, Laurent Roy, and Emily Fancelli: Human rights in the fashion industry: Advancing working conditions and fair wages through collaboration and blockchain technology
  7. Petros Mascia, Chloe Gonzalez, Jeremy-David Deneault, Abdullah Hasan, and   
  8. Maeve MacLeod: Sustainability energy: How the digital world consumes more than you think
  9. Klara Hupel , Brianna Klein, Douwe Johannes Borren , Aylin Yasgul , and Alex Simpson: Fashion and water pollution: Changing the clothing dyeing process
  10. Garance Grand, Alex Christensen, Mariam Mirza, and Shannon MacDonald-Gelhay: Fair price for coffee growers: How can international companies act to better the social implications of coffee growing?
  11. Jack Angliviel de la Beaumelle, Amadeus Collard, Nelly Harb, Alexandre Camus, and Jason Romeo: On a quest to reduce waste: Towards building a circular economy for waste through inter-industry corporate partnerships

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