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Designing Data as Public Space Experiences - Between Raising Awareness and Transformations


Facilitated by Carmela Cucuzzella, Morteza Hazbei, & Sherif Goubran


Tuesday, March 17, 2020; 13:30-15:45

Room MB 9A, 9th floor of the John Molson Building (MB) at 1450 Ave. Guy

Participants in this workshop will be asked to explore how data and its integration and/or visualization in the public spaces can help improve the environmental/social/economic situation in the city and can help bring about the conditions for the future sustainable cities and communities. These designs in the public realm are intended to help raise awareness and even nudge behaviour towards more responsible climate actions, as these experiences can help the community be more acutely informed.

In the workshop, participants will select data available through the city of Montreal (more than XYZ data sets available addressing demographics, climate, transport, pollution, etc.) and will be asked to use this data to design an experience in a Montreal public space of their choice. They will be urged to create an interactive design - this is not a necessary condition, but rather a recommendation. Additionally, based on the focus of the data and design, the participants will be asked to link their designs to the SDGs and their targets. They will be required to indicate whether their design addresses a specific target (help achieve an outcome) or raise awareness on a specific SDG. 

The workshop will entail a short introduction to the design challenge and data. Additionally, a short brief on the role of designers in achieving the SDGs will be provided. Following a group based guided ideation session, the participants will be asked to present their work to the group and the facilitators will select a number of projects that exemplify ingenuity and creativity in their approach. 

Representatives from the data initiative of the City of Montreal may contribute to the critique of the projects: Partick Lozeau and Veronique Dufort.


All parts of the Sustainability and the Climate Crisis conference are free and open to the public but registration is required.

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