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The PERFORM Centre provides an integrated and comprehensive environment to promote healthier lives through changes in behaviour and lifestyle by offering:

  • research opportunities for faculty within and outside of Concordia and for students at all levels;
  • education through teaching, training, and formative skill development for students, faculty, and the community; and
  • preventative based programs such as nutrition, exercise, and pain management to the general public.

The following faculty in the Department of Health, Kinesiology & Applied Physiology are associated with the PERFORM Centre. A brief description of their laboratories can be found on the PERFORM website.

Researcher Laboratory
Dr. Simon Bacon The Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre
Dr. Peter Darlington The Clinical Immunology and Molecular Biomarkers Laboratory (CIMBL)
Dr. Geoff Dover The Athletic Therapy and Pain Lab
Dr. Robert Kilgour The Cachexia Assessment and Rehabilitation Lab
Dr. Veronique Pepin The Pulmonary-Rehabilitation Lab
Dr. Sylvia Santosa The Metabolism, Obesity, and Nutrition Lab (MON)
Dr. Nancy St-Onge The Posture and Movement Laboratory
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