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Derek Bateman

Derek Bateman

My research interests include Anglo-American, Irish and European modernism, James Joyce, 20th century avant-garde art and literature, political theology, and poetics, rhetoric and cultural theory.

I am exploring modernist responses to the interaction between post-enlightenment secular thought and 20th century theological ideologies. Working under the supervision of Dr. Andre Furlani, my dissertation will show how diminishing cosmological and soteriological certitude prompted Joyce and other modernists to explore radical new forms of expression. By doing this, they sought to address political transformations in relation to transcendental/theological possibilities within a growing secular society.

During my time at Concordia, I have worked as a teaching assistant and as an instructor for ENGL 212. I am also involved in the Nag Hammadi seminar, organized by Drs. André Gagné and Carly Daniel-Hughes, which engages in issues related to 3rd- and 4th-century Coptic texts, Gnosticism and early Christian writings. 

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