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Alden Chorush

Alden Chorush

My current PhD research renovates traditional postcolonial readings of cannibalism by looking at the figure of the cannibal in a posthumanist context. My dissertation project, “The Neglected Comparison: Carnivory and Cannibalism, from Crusoe to Conrad,” explores this trope’s utility for the posthumanist critique of humanism. At the Our Way Home Research Institute for War Resistance and Policy Alternatives, I also bring a posthumanist perspective as its Writer-in-Residence.

While doing my undergraduate degree at Concordia, my research interests included the intersection of Romantic and First Nations literature with Buddhism. During graduate studies, I have been drawn to zoocriticism, postcolonial studies and, finally, posthumanism.

For the last three semesters I have taught introductory essay writing at Concordia.

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