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Future alumni

Learn about a few of our current students with whom you may be sharing classes.

Mona'a Malik


Why did you choose creative writing at Concordia?

I learned so much during my creative writing diploma program at Memorial University, and I had realized how well deadlines worked for me. I wanted to advance my writing to the next level, and I felt a Master’s program would be a good way to continue workshopping my fiction, getting feedback from professional writers, while hopefully getting a draft of a manuscript completed. I had also heard many positive recommendations from previous students about Concordia’s program.

What is special about writing in and from Montreal?

One of the reasons, besides the program, that I wanted to move to Montreal, was the city’s focus on the arts. There are so many events, programs, and workshops that support every kind of art form here, and there is a vibrancy to this constant production of art. The city is beautiful and full of museums, galleries, and green spaces to inspire new work.

How has the program helped your writing?

Each professor of creative writing has taught me different writing techniques as well as about the weaknesses and strengths of my own writing. I learned to create structure for my short stories, and to focus on creating vivid, fully realized, moments of time. Seeing what your classmates are constantly creating is exciting and makes you want to push the boundaries of your own writing. I also found the deadlines very helpful in completing projects.

What advice do you have for other students before beginning their MA?

Make a plan for what you wish to accomplish, and set plausible goals for yourself. It would be a good idea to solidify possible ideas for a thesis, and during the program submit every polished piece you have. Get involved with the department’s many initiatives, and create a community for yourself in the city. It’s important to reach out and make the most of the opportunities around you because while there are a lot, they may dwindle once you’ve left the university environment. 

What's your current writing project?

I’m reworking a novella, and working on a new collection of short stories on dreaming. I am interested in how dreaming affects lives, directly or tangentially, and will draw upon philosophy, psychology, folk tales, and cultural ideas related to dreams. With this collection, I would like to explore how humans relate to the dreams that they remember.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to write and work in Montreal.

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