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Taking Over a Teaching Contract While Still In The Program: Experiences Of A Young Teacher

Our guest: B.Ed. Student Catherine

More often than not, the best way to learn is by doing. In this episode, we are joined by Catherine, an undergraduate student completing her B.Ed. in TESL. She decided to take some time off from school in the middle of her studies in order to teach in high school. We discuss her experiences as a young teacher, how she went about finding an appropriate contract, and how she dealt with classroom management, work/life balance, and many other aspects of teaching. 

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The First Year Teaching: Reflecting On The Challenges, Rewarding Moments, And Unforeseen Experiences

Our guest: B.Ed. Alumnae Pilar and Rosa Li

The first year teaching can be exciting as it is daunting. It's that step TESL students have been preparing years for. To really get into the nitty-gritty of that first year, we are joined by two graduates of the B.Ed. in TESL, Pilar and Rosa Li, to discuss their diverse experiences. How can new graduates best prepare for the year ahead? What do these new teachers wish they knew? What were some of the most rewarding moments? What were some surprising challenges? What were their organizational strategies? 

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Talking TESL Podcast

Know Your TESL Terms and Competencies

Our guest: TESL RC Coordinator and Primary Teacher Sarah Ercoli

The education system here in Quebec is full of programs, organizational structures and terms that to those unfamiliar can feel quite daunting and overwhelming. How does our evaluation system work? What are the competencies teachers must cover throughout the year? What kind of terminology does a new teacher need to know in order to navigate our educational system? In this episode, we are joined by Sarah, who is the Landscape Coordinator at the TESL Resource Centre. She creates our Moodle page, which is full of valuable resources for teachers looking for lesson plans, government documents, job-hunting toolkits, subbing toolkits, and much more. Sarah is a graduate of Concordia's B.Ed. in TESL and currently teaches in primary school. She's here to talk us through all the terms and systems we need to know to teach in Quebec, as well as discuss her own teaching trajectory and philosophy. 

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Talking TESL Podcast

4 B.Ed. Students Reflect On The Internships: What They Wish They Knew, and How To Make The Most Of The Experience

Our guests: B.Ed. Students Lauren, Amani, Kelly and Nadia

Internships are an integral part of the TESL program. They are an opportunity to learn through doing, make connections with others in the field, and put the theory learned in class into actual practice. The internships may represent one's first foray into actual teaching in front of students. They can be all at once exciting, terrifying, challenging, and rewarding. 

In this episode, we are joined by 4 amazing B.Ed. students to have a candid conversation all about their diverse internship experiences. They talk about the highs, the lows, what they wish they knew before starting out, and what they learned.

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Talking TESL Podcast

Going Back To School As A Mother: Discussing Unique B.Ed. Experiences, Managing Family Life And Studies, And Being A Mature Student

Our guests: B.Ed. Students Ellie And Nairy

One unique aspect of the TESL program is that we have numerous students who are also mothers. In a very special interview, we sit down with two mothers working towards their teaching degree. They discuss their personal challenges, some tips, and how they feel motherhood has influenced their experience in the program. 

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Talking TESL Podcast

After the B.Ed: Teaching Kindergarten in Shanghai, China

Our guest: B.Ed. Alumna Yvette

Many students would like to teach abroad after finishing their teaching degree. However, the process of finding the right school, as well as applying, interviewing, and preparing for the new experience can be daunting and overwhelming. On top of that, teaching in a different country can feel like stepping into the unknown, linguistically and culturally. In this episode of Talking TESL, B.Ed. alumna Yvette talks about her two years teaching kindergarten in Shanghai, China. She discusses applying for the job, the school culture, relationships with students and parents, money transfer issues, and other tips she wished she knew before teaching in China.

Interested in teaching in a different country? Check out our list of the 14 questions you should ask in an interview for a teaching job abroad. Find it on the TESL Resource Centre's Moodle page (available to students in the TESL program at Concordia University only).

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