Sivan Black-Rotchin

My closest friends would say that I am:
Easy to talk to, kind, and full of determination (I asked them!)

When I need to relax, I will:
Either do some yoga, or veg on the couch with some Netflix

My secret to enjoying my job as a teacher is:
Really being conscious of and appreciating the rewarding moments, and maintaining a good work/life balance!

Little things that me me happy are:
Spending time in the country, listening to music with good headphones, and wearing really cozy socks

In my first year of teaching, I wished I knew:
That it is okay to be honest with students about not knowing something!

When I need help, I usually turn to:
My parents and close friends 

A great teaching tool or resource to have is:
A solid community of teachers around you!

The best teaching advice I was ever told was:
Building a good rapport with your students is foundational!

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