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Economics Graduate Poster Day

The Economics Graduate Poster Day is an annual event in the Department of Economics which provides an opportunity for graduate students to showcase their research. All MA and PhD students in Economics are invited to participate with a poster, presenting any completed or ongoing research project, whether it is the MA research paper or thesis, one or more chapters of the doctoral dissertation, or any other research project pertaining to Economics.

The posters were presented on Friday, October 28, 2022. Thank you to all participants for their excellent work, and to the jury for selecting this year's awardees.

Congratulations to our award winners

MA Economics participants

  • Mubina Hirani, The Impact of Rental Control on Housing Quality across Provinces in Canada
  • Pramod Tiwari, Economics of adopting electric vehicles in developing countries

PhD Economics participants

  • Meriam Arifa, Remittances and Economic Performance: Empirical Evidence from Recipient African Countries
  • Munkh-Ireedui Bayarjargal, Social Security Disability Insurance in an equilibrium search model
  • Dana Ghandour, Environmental Cooperation and Trade: the impact of heterogeneity in environmental damages
  • Israa Hashem, Pareto-Efficient Matching Rules in a Unified Framework
  • Md Shahidul Islam, Fair and Efficient Matching under Dichotomous Preferences
  • Yuxing Liang, A Feasible Matching Mechanism Designed to Favor Under-privileged Groups and Enhance EDI in Education
  • Bilguun Sukhbaatar, A Skewed Wage Distribution and Reservation Wage
  • Siming Xie, Cultural activities and social segregation: An economic analysis on friendship networks

  • Each entrant must register for the competition and submit the title of their poster by Monday, October 17 to Émilie Martel at
  • Final printed posters must be submitted to Émilie Martel two days before the event (Wednesday, October 26 end of day). Posters submitted after than date will not be presented during the competition and are not eligible for prizes.
  • Only one poster allowed per entrant.
  • Posters must fit on a single page: participants are encouraged to use the templates provided on this page.
  • Posters can be landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Posters should be 61 x 91 centimeters (24" x 36") in dimension or smaller.
  • Posters may be printed, or written manually and/or assembled from printed and other materials on a cardboard that does not exceed the dimensions specified above.
  • Posters do not have to be laminated.
  • Posters should clearly indicate: the name of the entrant; the title of the poster/project; whether the entrant is an MA or PhD student.
  • On Poster Day: Entrants should be in the competition area (by H-1155) at 12 p.m. for the welcome speech by the Department Chair and Graduate Program Director and remain until 2 p.m. to be able to discuss their research and answer questions. Entrants who are not available to attend in person will not be considered for an award.
  • Each entrant will present their poster to the jury. The entrant will have three (3) minutes for their presentation, after which they will be asked to remain by their poster to answer questions from the jury (1-2 minutes).
  • Posters will be assessed for the two juried prizes according to two criteria:

1.      Research content and how accessible this is made to other participants
2.      Poster design: presentation and visual communication 

Participants, 2017-21 editions of Spring Poster Day

Best MA poster: Jijia Cao, A Game Theoretic Study of Soccer
Best PhD poster: Olha Hnatyshyn, Multiple International Environmental Agreements: an alternative approach to tackle climate change
Best poster, EGSA vote: Hangyeol Seo (MA student), Comparison of the COVID-19 Impacts on Labour Markets in Canada and South Korea
Best MA poster: Manuel Michael Lepage Lévesque, Limited-Action Processing (LAP) games
Best PhD poster: Karla Iskandar, Employment Insurance across Canadian Regions and Labor Mobility
Best poster, EGSA vote: Samuel F. Pichette (PhD student), Let me persuade you
Best MA poster: Marco Ioffredi, Inequality Profile: Differing Effects on Growth?
Best PhD poster: Asefeh Salarinezhad, Matching with Consecutive Acceptance Intervals
Best poster, EGSA vote: Rouzbeh Ghouchani (PhD student), Preference Aggregation for Couples
Best MA poster: Yiwen Chen
Best PhD poster: Farrokh Darvishi

PhD student posters

1.Golnaz Davalloo: The age of onset marijuana use and young adults' marijuana use habits
2. Samuel F. Pichette: The making of an informed decision
3. Olha Hnatyshyn: Multiple International Environmental Agreements: an alternative approach to tackle climate change
4. Sinda Kassab: R&D behavior in dynamic patent races: theory and experiment
5. Manuel Lepage Lévesque: How can we fix Dating Apps?
6. Saba Ranjbar: Why Students Drop Out of High School
7. Rameh Rezazadeh Mehrjou: Effects of Health Status on Wage by Race and Gender: Evidence of NLSY79

MA student posters

1. Jijia Cao: A Game Theoretic Study of Soccer
2. Pranvera Elezi: Wage inequality in Albania
3. Hangyeol Seo: Comparison of the COVID-19 Impacts on Labour Markets in Canada and South Korea

PhD student posters

1.Asefeh Salarinezad: Matching with Minimum Quotas.
2. Dilek SayedahmedTargeted Priority Reserves
3. Ehsan Fazel: Asset Pricing Implications of Grouped Patterns of Heterogeneity and Causality
4. Golnaz Davalloo: Effective Factors on Adolescents Marijuana consumption
5. Karla Iskandar: Employment Insurance across Canadian Regions and Labor Mobility
6. Liang Wang: An online economics experiment of the public goods game with polarized preference
7. Nickesha Ayoade: School Choice with Preference Rank Classes
8. Binyan Pu: The Effects of Basel III Liquidity Requirements on the Network of Interbank Loans
9. Rouzbeh Ghouchani: Optimal Seller's Revenue for risk averse and risk neutral bidders
10. Wenting Xu: Analysing Business Risk in Banking Sectors
11. Yushen Li: Favors Exchange: Theory and Evidence
12. Samuel F. Pichette: Let me persuade you
13. Duc Thanh Nguyen: Cognitive Skills, Non-cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment
14. Arezoo Banihashem: Social Support Policy for the Low Skilled Labour in Quebec
15. Puya Ghasvareh: Fairness comparisons of strategy proof and Pareto efficient matching Rules

MA student posters

1. Hoàng Nguyễn: The Impact of Unemployment Benefits on Unemployment Duration in the United State of America from 2016 to 2018
2. Jimmy Kailun Cao: Horse Racing-Derived Gambling in Hong Kong: A Probabilistic Model on The Optimal Betting Strategy
3. Manuel Michael Lepage Levesque: Limited-Action Processing (LAP) games
4. Zikuo (Samuel) Zhao: Income inequality in Canada

PhD student posters

  1. Michael Nelson Aguessy: Model Selection under Possibly Weak Identification
  2. Ahmad Alkanatri: Revolutionary Political Transition in Non-Democratic Regimes
  3. Nickesha Ayoade: Degrees of Stability in Matching
  4. Shadi El Ramli: Household Debt and the Effect of Monetary Policy Surprises
  5. Ehsan Fazel: On the Network of Commodity Futures Market
  6. Jean Hans Garcon: Hiring Through Network Profiling
  7. Pooya Ghasvareh: Competing School Choice Mechanisms
  8. Rouzbeh Ghouchani: Preference Aggregation for Couples
  9. Olha Hnatyshyn: Would You Play This Game?
  10. Rahid Mahmood Khan: Correlates of Alcohol Consumption Behaviour
  11. Biva Arani Mallik: Revisiting the the Environmental Kuznets Curve - In Lieu of Trade
  12. Doris Ngandjou: How the Rise of Tuition Costs Affects Major Decisions
  13. Duc Thanh Nguyen: The Effects of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills on Educational Attainment
  14. Asefeh Salarinezhad: Matching with Consecutive Acceptance Intervals
  15. Dilek Sayedahmed: Targeted Priority Reserves in Matching
  16. Fatina Siblini: Labor Cost of Caregiving to an Elderly Parent in Canada
  17. Stefania Strantza: International Environmental Agreements - The Impact of Heterogeneity Among Countries
  18. Liang Wang: An Online Economics Experiment of the Public Goods Game with Polarized Preference
  19. Wenting Xu: A Value-at-Risk Approach to Quantify Business Risks for the US Medium-size Banking Sector and the Canadian Banking Sector

MA student posters

  1. Fahmida Hassan: Housing Price and Household Debt in Canada: An Empirical Study
  2. Carlos Jabbour: Applying Machine Learning Techniques to the Optimal Winner Allocation Problem in Combinatorial Auctions
  3. Marco Ioffredi:  Inequality Profile: Differing Effects on Growth?
  4. Azadeh Ebadi: The Co-op Matching System at Concordia University
  5. Elham Esmaeilpour Khalili: A Glance at Stability in Matching Markets with Couples
  6. Tao Liu: A New Algorithm for House Allocation and Exchange with Indifferences
  7. Chrystelle Saizonou: Market Making in the Canadian Government Bond Markets
  8. Fahimeh Soleymani: Single and Multiple Tie-Breaking in School Choice Priorities
  9. Jie Yu: Deception and Loss Aversion

On April 27, 2017 PhD and MA students in Economics showcased their research projects in a stimulating poster session. It was an opportunity to discuss and exchange research ideas, discover new topics, and network with graduate students, faculty, alumni, prospective students, and others from the broader Concordia community.

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