February 1: the Winter Is Here edition

Dear Economics students,

With a third of the Winter term already behind us, it is time to prepare for midterms and keep a strong focus on success and well-being. Contact us at for any questions about our department and its programs, and consider joining the Economics LinkedIn group for up-to-date news.

The Student service station: your one-stop shop for university resources

A new service is now available to guide students through the various university resources available to them. Live Q&A sessions are available every Wednesday between 1:30 and 2:30 pm EST.

Private sector and governmental summer internship programs

Are you looking for a summer job or graduating this spring? Get started early in your job search by checking out our list or contacting Career and Planning Services!

Fund your education

Education is an important investment, but there are ways to ease the burden on your bank account. From Concordia resources such as the Library's Textbook Bursary and working on campus, to the Énergir Bursary for pursuing MA studies, there are many opportunities out there. Looking for advice? Book an appointment today with

FutureReady programming

It’s never too early in your BA to start improving your professional skills! Take a look at the Winter/Spring 2021 FutureReady programming and get inspired.

Get to know your student associations!

The Economics Student Society (ESS) and the Economics Graduate Student Association (EGSA) represent your interests and work on making your student experience memorable.

Economics faculty office hours

Do you have a question for your instructor about your class? Attend their virtual office hours.

Academic advising for Economics students

The Department of Economics maintains regular academic advising through Zoom. Graduate students, please contact Élise M. Melançon, Graduate Program Assistant, at for questions or concerns about your program.

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