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For the last fifty years at Concordia University the Department of Communication Studies has made significant contributions to the study of media, culture and society. 

Beginning as a department committed to the humanistic exploration of contemporary media, and growing into a multimedia teaching environment, members of the Department have expanded their influence into all realms of intellectual life pertaining to media and culture.


Our professors have produced some of the most impactful and well-regarded research and research-creation in the field. They have led major scholarly societies and journals, have served at the highest levels of granting agencies and juries, have curated ground-breaking shows, and have been the catalysts to the launching of innovative scholarly and artistic organizations.


Our former graduate students now populate the ranks of university faculty positions across the country and beyond, and they too are continuing our legacy of engaged and original scholarship on media and culture.


This timeline documents notable milestones in the history of Canada’s first university-level communication studies department.

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