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Lionel Sanders, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics


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My current research is largely centered upon the relations of Greeks, native Egyptians and Jews in ancient Alexandria in the first century AD. I am trying to ascertain what caused the hostilities between these ethnic groups and whether we can argue that antisemitism underlies this friction.

A paper on the implications of the visit of the Jewish king Agrippa I to Alexandria in 37 AD for the issue of myth, memory and Jewish identity will be published shortly in a volume of essays on this topic, presented originally at the conference on Myth , Memory and Jewish Identity at Concordia in May 2011.

I am also currently working on Greek Sicily in the 4th century BC with the purpose of bringing to completion my third book on the subject, entitled "Dion: A Deconstructive Biography".


PhD McMaster University (1970)
MA University of London (1966)
BA University of London (1963)

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