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Urban Futures

Urban Futures

The CISSC Urban Futures working group is geared towards facilitating dialogue and exchanges on research, creative, and pedagogical engagements with cities. The aims of this working group are to create a space for bringing together faculty, artists and researchers, as well as graduate students, whose research and practice is tethered to urban issues writ large, including: sustainability, arts and culture, architecture and design, and themes such as resilience, reconciliation, migration and urban transformation, the right to the city, media ecology, queer urbanisms, environmental humanism, citying, futuricity, and more. The literature on these topics is broad, but what is relatively new is a shift in thinking about urban futures across disciplines (arts, business, social sciences) on these topics. CISSC Urban Futures working group will undertake a rigorous exploration of possible urban futures through cross-disciplinary collaborative research strategies and embedded and embodied urban explorations.

Our core team will share the facilitation of this working group and its activities. Our aim is to create mutually supporting structures (of which the working group is one) that will create a complex scaffold for advanced investigations concerning the urban fabric—its flows, resistances, and resiliencies—and ideas of futurism, speculative design, and fabulist site specific practice. The research and practice scaffold is not only intellectual but has a physical dimension as well: the nascent Institute for Urban Futures—which will be significantly formed and fed through the work of the Urban Futures working group in the next year—has an HQ in the new cooperative space Temps Libre located in the heart of the Mile-End neighbourhood. We anticipate that many of the events, gatherings, exhibitions, walks, documents, performances, and urban interventions emerging from the Urban Futures working group will be staged from this site as well as from the downtown campus of Concordia. 


Carmela Cuzuccella, Department of Design and Computation Arts

Jill Didur, Department of English

Rebecca Duclos, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts

Cynthia Hammond, Department of Art History

Shauna Janssen, Department of Theatre

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