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Eva Pomeroy is the Social Innovator in Residence at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Her present work builds on over two decades experience in experiential learning, in both formal and adjunct educational settings. In its essence, this work is about co-creating conditions for transformational learning experiences in the service of positive social impact and innovation. Having been drawn to great pedagogy and ‘learning that matters’ from an early age, Eva began her career with Outward Bound Wales and later Brathay Hall Trust in the United Kingdom. There she co-designed & delivered over 60 residential experiential learning courses focusing on personal, group and organizational/community development before joining Concordia University’s Applied Human Sciences Department in 2001. Prior to taking on the Social Innovator in Residence role, she taught in the B.A. Human Relations and M.A. Human Systems Intervention programs.

In 2016, she co-founded the Concordia U.lab Social Innovation Hub in 2016, a laboratory learning space that blends undergraduate & graduate students, staff & faculty, and members of the local community as co-learners. Eva and her colleagues work with Theory U and u.lab in an effort to explore and impact the democratization of education, develop the structures and conditions that enable people to self-organize in meaningful ways and collaboratively source knowledge.

Eva works in partnership with Otto Scharmer and the Presencing Institute to co-convene and co-facilitate the Social Field Research Summer School.

Her research focuses on transformative learning, systems change, social field change, and eco-system activation.


Mark Underwood is a graduate of the School of Community and Public Affairs the the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability at Concordia and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Systems Intervention. He is passionate about system change and the intersection of grass roots and boardroom activism in order to move our society towards adopting a deeper culture of sustainability and social justice. He knows these changes necessitate a new awareness of ourselves and each other and finds the u.lab hub a beautiful way to connect to a deeper sense of connection.

Annick Davignon

Annick Davignon is a community leader at SINGA Quebec,  an international organisation that aims to create spaces where refugees, newcomers and locals can connect as equals, no matter where they come from or their background, to exchange ideas, share things they love, and try something new. While working, she is currently finishing a Master degree in Human system intervention at Concordia where she is enhancing her capacity to plan and implement whole system change processes. Annick is also a skilled facilitator for transformative experiences that strengthen deep and authentic relationship in groups. In her free time, she is working on a children book that she is planning to publish in the fall. She- is also an active member of the organisation Clowns without border. It is her third time she is part of the u.lab Concordia and second time as a host.


Emily Andrews is an undergraduate in the Communications program, minoring in Human Relations. In her first year at Concordia, Emily participated in the u.lab Hub as a student which fostered the idea of a student-faculty mentorship program. Thanks to the Sustainability Action Fund, she is piloting the program, called Connect Concordia, this coming year. She is also the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Garnet Key Society where she will promote various events and further give back to Concordia University. Her curiosity and belief in experiential learning inspired her to take a gap yearwhere she sailed and learned on the Atlantic Ocean. Most recently, Emily spent the summer of 2019 on a wilderness summer semester course. Emily is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow by doing and hopes to propagate the benefits of experiential learning to wider communities.  

After seeing and living the positive impacts of the u.lab Hub, Emily is part of the Hub Host team this semester. She is in charge of spreading the word of the course and is excited to see all the amazing projects and conversations that emerge from the Hub. Honoured at being part of such an amazing team and community, Emily hopes to promote experiential learning and play a part in reshaping what education means.

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