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Co-op program

Co-op MSc and PhD students conduct research of interest to an employer, normally in the employer's laboratory, but direct the project toward a thesis topic acceptable to the Department at Concordia. The studies are carried out under the general guidance of an academic supervisor in the Department.

Co-op students will spend one term in full-time residence on campus, during which time they will normally receive financial support from the employer. While on campus, students will gain experience as teaching assistants in undergraduate laboratories and will participate actively in departmental seminars.

Co-op students must complete the course requirements for the MSc or PhD degrees. This program is available in areas where the Department has the resources to provide a suitable academic supervisor.

Students will normally have spent at least two years working with the same employer before embarking on a Co-op MSc or PhD program. It is a condition of the program that the employer agrees to the publication of thesis results.

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