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Plagiarism seminar ("CHEM 101")

Plagiarism and Other Forms of Academic Dishonesty

The academic code of conduct can be found in of the University Calendar. Any form of unauthorized collaboration, cheating, copying or plagiarism which are suspected will be reported, and the appropriate sanctions applied.

The seminar the Department offers is a clear and fair opportunity to learn what our faculty regards as academic misconduct. Failure to take part in this learning opportunity and thus ignorance of these regulations is no excuse and will not result in a reduced sanction in any case where academic misconduct is observed.

The Academic Code for Students Taking Chemistry or Biochemistry Courses

As part of most courses given by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, you are required to:

  • Attend a Chemistry and Biochemistry Departmental Seminar on the academic conduct code and the appropriate use of information sources. Several are given near the start of each term.
  • Pass the online quiz associated with this seminar (note: the passing grade for the quiz is 100%). Note: This is NOT the University's quiz you may have been asked to take when you first registered and logged into the myConcordia portal; the one you must take is similar, but graded by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and you cannot take it until after you have attended a seminar.

The aim of this seminar is to clarify the academic conduct code in terms of what practices will be considered unacceptable with regards to work submitted for grading in Chemistry and Biochemistry courses. You are only exempt from repeating the seminar and the quiz if you have done both in within the past five years. If this is the case, you will find your ID number on this list. Please note that the list is not computer searchable: you will need to look for your ID number yourself. If your ID number is not on the list, you are required to repeat both seminar and quiz this term. If your ID is there but you did not get 100% on the quiz, see items 8 and 9 in the FAQ below.

This short seminar (less than 1 hour) will be held at the following times and locations. Note that late-comers will not be admitted.

Dates (Summer 2019) Time Place
Thursday, May 16th, 2019 17:45 - 18:45 TBD
Summer 2019 - TBA in April

As space for each of the seminars is limited by the room size, please sign up for your preferred time. Sign up sheets will be available outside SP 201.01 (Departmental office) after the beginning of the term. Note: You will be asked to sign an attendance sheet at the seminar to prove you really did attend.

If you do not complete this course requirement, at the discretion of your professor, your final grade for the course may be lowered by as much as one full letter grade with an incomplete notation until such time as this requirement is completed. Please refer to the undergraduate calendar and the FAQ below for details on removal of an incomplete notation.

The Winter 2019 quiz will close at 23:55 on Sunday, February 11th, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I keep trying the quiz but I can never get 110/110. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is there a bug in the quiz?

    You have probably not read any of the warnings (and there are several) about questions with two acceptable answers. For such questions you must select both these answers to get full marks. It is possible to check more than one box.

  2. When I finished the quiz, I think it told me I got 110/110 but now I am no longer sure. Is there any way I can check my mark?

    Yes, just go back to the quiz and you can view the record of your score(s) and even your answers, with the feedback, at each attempt.

  3. The grade I got in my CHEM course is much lower than I expected. Is it because I did not get 100% on the quiz?  

    Possibly, but you would also have received an INC notation if that was an issue. There may be many other reasons, so please check with your course instructor/professor.

  4. I got 102.5/110 on the quiz. Surely that is good enough?  

    No, it is not. If it is a CHEM course requirement, you have to get 100%. The consequences of a misunderstanding of what is, and what is not, permitted under the University's Academic Code of Conduct can be very serious. We want to make sure you know all the rules.

  5. I received an INC grade last term because I had not attended the seminar. What must I do to get it removed?  

    You will have a chance to attend one of a number of seminars in the coming term. You must attend one, and inform your professor when you have done so. You will also have to go to the Registrar's Services (Birks Student Service Centre downtown), and apply for a "late completion grade": your Professor(s) cannot put through a grade change unless you have completed this formality (which will cost $25 per course). Check the deadlines, which are reproduced below from the University calendar: it may already be too late. If so, see question 7 below.

  6. Deadlines for late completion application:

    Fall term: February 1st 
    Winter term: May 15th 
    Summer term: September 1st

  7. I received an INC grade last term because I had not done the quiz. What must I do to get it removed?  

    You must get yourself registered to do the quiz: contact Prof. H.M. Muchall, but read first question 9 below. Then, do the quiz as soon as possible, and inform your Professor when you have got 100% (110/110). You will also have to go to the Registrar's Services (Birks Student Service Centre downtown), and apply for a "late completion grade": your Professor(s) cannot put through a grade change unless you have completed this formality (which will cost you $25 per course). Check the deadlines in question 5 above: it may already be too late. If so, see question 7 below.

  8. I only just noticed that I got an INC, and the deadline for late completion has passed. What can I do now?  

    You will have to get permission from the Faculty of Arts and Science (Student Services) before Registrar's Services will allow you to apply late for a "late completion grade". Go to room AD 202, or to the Chemistry Department office (SP 201.01), and pick up a Faculty of Arts and Science Student Request Form. Fill it in, and see Prof. H.M. Muchall in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for a supporting note. Then take both to AD 202.

  9. I did the seminar and quiz a year ago. Must I do them again?  

    No, you have to have done both within the last five years. In that case, you can find your student ID on this regularly updated list, with a blank entry under "quiz". If your "quiz" entry is not blank, you attempted the quiz but did not pass it (you did not get 100%), and you will have to do the quiz again: see question 9 below. If you are not on this list, then you've lost track of time, and you did it more than five years ago. In that case, you will have to do both seminar and quiz again.

  10. I did the seminar in a previous term, but never did the quiz, and now I cannot access it. What must I do?

    You should e-mail Prof. H.M. Muchall who can confirm that you have attended the seminar within 5 years, and then register you for the quiz. Please be sure to give your student ID number, and say in which year/term you attended the seminar.

  11. I have forgotten if I already did the seminar and/or quiz. How can I find out?

    If you cannot remember whether you did these, you probably cannot remember what was covered either and should probably do them again! But see question 8 above on how to find out.

  12. I am an engineering student taking one pre-requisite CHEM course. Surely I do not have to do the seminar and quiz?

    Oh yes, you do!

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