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Innovative teaching that goes beyond the classroom

The Faculty of Arts and Science provides opportunities to activate your education. Through a diversity of learning platforms like the U.lab Social Innovation Hub, you can collaborate with educators, community members and fellow students to enact real societal transformation.

Journalism for the 21st Century

The first of its kind in Canada, the Institute for Investigative Journalism in the Faculty of Arts and Science connects major media outlets with journalism students and faculty from across the country to carry out investigations in the public interest. This is the future of journalism.

Cutting-edge, socially-relevant research on immigration

Scholars in the Faculty of Arts and Science are tackling the growing complexities of international immigration, including its politics and policies. The Centre for Immigration Policy Evaluation is one example of the faculty’s breadth of change-making research centres.

Leading the way in preventive health

Researchers from across the faculty are engaging in a cross-disciplinary approach to health research, education, policy and technology that focuses on the full continuum of issues and interventions.

Learn more and apply

Montreal is the best student city in North America, according to the 2019 QS Best Student Cities index. Learn more about the Faculty of Arts and Science, explore programs and begin your application.

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