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Water and power shut down affecting LB building: LB, including the Webster library and the Birks Student Services Centre, is closed until further notice.


FAS 2025:

FAS 2025, A Living Document outlines the initiatives that reflect our creativity, passion and diversity. It’s time to put words into action.

This is the time for Arts and Science, and this is your invitation to bring a new academic mission to fruition.


We have nine projects that offer ample opportunities for you to propose innovative ideas, establish new networks and break boundaries – creating the conditions where innovation can flourish.

Take a look at our nine transformative actions.

Our projects

Resources to facilitate and test your new methodologies for research and pedagogy

Assessing our curriculum, recruitment and retention practices, research initiatives, partnerships and internal processes

Design and re-design our curricula so that our students leave university with the skills and competencies they need

Expand community engagement by bringing interdisciplinary interventions to real-world problems

Opportunities for faculty, students and staff to teach and learn from one another

Exploring novel methods of integrating digital approaches to research, teaching and learning

Raising the profile of FAS in the francophone milieu through ambitious recruitment initiatives and campus activities en français. 

Bringing interdisciplinarity to life by promoting our rich laboratory culture which emphasizes hands-on experience and teamwork

Implementing activities to address student-preparedness prior to, during and post-university studies

Strategic Directions FAS projects integration

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