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Marie France Brière

Figures en lisière, 2011

Medium: African black granite, Georgian white marble and stainless steel
Dimensions: 609.6 cm high
Patron: Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine


About the Artwork

Weighing more than fifteen tons and standing twenty feet high, this monumental work takes its inspiration from the landscape of stone quarries.

The artist relates the exposure of the layers of a quarry’s strata to the scientific investigations taking place on this campus. By inserting a reflective metal blade between the stones, new vantage points for exploring the carved surfaces are created, not unlike what is discovered through a microscope.

About the Artist

Originally from Montreal, Marie-France Brière is a prolific artist and dedicated teacher who has been producing public artworks since 1991.

Artwork Location

Campus: Loyola Campus
Location: Outdoors Front Entrance - GE Building – Research Center for Structural and Functional Genomics, corner Sherbrooke and West Broadway Streets
Address: 7141 Sherbrooke West

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