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Marc-Antoine Côté

Montre-moi par où on commence. Dis-le-moi au creux de l’oreille, 2020

Medium: Aluminium
Dimensions: 337 x 115 x 111 inches
Patron: Ministère de la culture, des communications et de la condition féminine


About the Artwork

Monumental in scale, Marc-Antoine Côté's sculpture Montre-moi par où on commence. Dis-le-moi au creux de l'oreille complicates the industrial connotations of its aluminum surface through its handmade, organic form. Situated at the Front Entrance – Applied Science Hub, the sculpture’s form shifts in the reflection of the hub's windows and mirrors its surroundings upon its undulating surfaces. The palette of the piece changes with the time of day and season.

Côté designed the piece with changing perspectives in mind – both from the physical point of view of observers and their state of mind during different encounters with the work. A cavity at the base invites people to come inside the artwork for a personal, tactile experience. It offers an alternate view of the form from within. Large openings at the top of the sculpture allow light to fall into the interior in many directions, creating patterns visible across the striated surface.

About the Artist

Marc-Antoine Côté creates monumental abstract sculptures that dazzle the viewer and provide context to reflect on their experience of the physical world. Côté's abstract sculptures take on an otherworldly quality—quiet, yet foreboding.

Côté studied sculpture at La maison des métiers d'arts de Québec and is the co-founder of Bloc 5. He works primarily in bronze, aluminum and steel to create 3D artworks. Marc-Antoine Côté currently lives and works in Quebec City. 

Artwork Location

Campus: Loyola Campus
Location: Front Entrance – Applied Science Hub
Address: 7141 Sherbrooke West

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