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Lintels from the Thomas D’Arcy McGee House

Lintels from the Thomas D’Arcy McGee House

Medium: Montreal limestone
Dimensions: varied
Patron: Eli, Cecil and Victor Hill


About the Artwork

Thomas D’Arcy McGee’s house was on the south side of Ste. Catherine Street near Drummond Street. The house had distinctive lintel stones decorated with carved shamrocks and was a popular landmark after McGee’s assassination. The building was destroyed by fire in November 1962, but the stones were recovered and donated to Loyola College by the building owners, Eli, Cecil and Victor Hill. The lintels were mounted into a cement frame and placed on the front lawn of the Georges P. Vanier Library. By 2000, the lintel stones were in poor condition, ravaged by time and the elements. With the assistance of Brian Gallery and the St. Patrick's Society, the lintels were restored as a tangible memory of an important Irish figure in Canadian history.

Artwork Location

Campus: Sir George Williams (Quartier Concordia)
Location: Abe & Harriet Gold Atrium, Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Complex
Address: 1515 St. Catherine W.

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