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Geneviève Cadieux

Lierre sur Pierre, 2009

Medium: Anodized Metal on Limestone
Dimensions: 510,966.7 cm2
Patron: Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine


About the Artwork

The 550 square foot square piece features a vine of reflective, anodized metal climbing up a limestone wall. The artist developed the piece as a uniquely-Concordia take on the elitist tradition of ivy-covered academe.

The vine’s reflective surface permits viewers to project themselves onto the fabric of the institution, which, since its foundation, has characterized itself by its accessibility. According to the artist, the work serves as a platform to share Concordia University’s vision, which speaks of cultural diversity, access to education and openness to a diverse population of students through its excellent programs and teaching.

About the Artist

Originally from Montreal, Geneviève Cadieux studied Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa and now teaches photography at Concordia. Cadieux’s art explores the metamorphosis of photographic and cinematic images through the recording and production process. Whether shown in a museum, private, or public space, the presentation of her artwork inspires a theatrical, cinematic scene designed to affect the individual by drawing him in. She is devoted to producing photographic images and installations that deal with both the human body and landscape.

Artwork Location

Campus: Sir George Williams (Quartier Concordia)
Location: North Façade, corner de Maisonneuve Boulevard West and Guy Streets, John Molson School of Business
Address: 1450 Guy

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