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TeamMTL - Solar Decathlon China 2017


Our goal

To participate in the 2017 Solar Decathlon competition, a green energy building competition involving participants from universities around the world.

Who we are

TeamMTL is a collaborative endeavor between faculty and students from multiple departments at Concordia University including Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Design and Computational Arts, Contemporary Dance and the John Molson School of Business, and the School of Architecture at McGill University.  The team is supported by well-equipped and internationally recognized research labs and centers both at Concordia and McGill.

The competition

TeamMTL Solar Decathlon Competition

The Solar Decathlon is a renowned international competition that challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate an architecturally sophisticated and energy-efficient solar-powered house of 120-200 m2 (1300-2150 ft2). The jury will evaluate each entry’s cost feasibility, energy efficiency and environmental adaptability according to its performance in ten different contests.

TeamMTL has been officially invited to the Solar Decathlon China 2017 after successfully passing the initial proposal stage with its Deep-Performance Dwelling design scheme. For the finals, held in Dezhou, Shandong Province in late summer of 2017, we will be competing against 21 other teams from 11 countries and 49 universities.


Our project

TeamMTL’s design, the Deep-Performance Dwelling (DPD), is a Passive House-inspired, Net-Zero Energy capable and Low or Zero Carbon residential construction integrating comprehensive on-site resource management. The project design and construction must be applicable to Montreal’s urban, social, and affordable housing context and northern climate in addition to the competition context in China. This house will be the first of its kind in Montreal, setting new standards in the industry and contributing to the region’s need for affordable housing.

Why we need your help

TeamMTL is proposing the design and construction of two permanent homes. The first will be built for the competition in Dezhou in August 2017. Since the Deep-Performance Dwelling will remain in China permanently, we will also build a finer-tuned and site-specific dwelling in Montreal from the lessons learned throughout the competition. The building will be monitored and evaluated over time. The Montreal-based DPD will serve as an innovative exemplar and showcase of the future and possibility of affordable housing in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada.

Donations would help us secure the necessary support for the construction and logistic costs of this unique and high-profile initiative, as well as help with travel expenses. 

Read more about TeamMTL's participation in the Solar Decathlon China 2017 competition.

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