Our goal

To increase and improve composting practices and culture at Concordia through education and outreach.

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Our project

The Waste Not, Want Not campaign is a collaboration between students, faculty, administration and staff based on three objectives:

  1. To reinstate local composting (currently Concordia uses a facility in Ontario)
  2. A wider distribution of compost bins on campus
  3. Education campaigns to instill responsible composting in our culture, including:
    • Ensuring compost bins are available for events hosted by students and the university, and offeering volunteers to help participants sort waste
    • Holding a food festival once a semester, offering food to particpants as they pass through and informing them of their nearest compost bins
    • Running awareness campaigns on social media. 
Waste Not, Want Not - Our team

How we got started

Waste Not, Want Not won the 2016 Big Hairy Ideas competition run by Concordia’s Dean of Students Office. We have also been funded by the Sustainability Action Fund, and the Concordia University Alumni Association. We have much more work to do, but we have made excellent progress:

  1. Concordia now collects 60% more organic material in compost bins, a level sustained for a year and a half. You can track this progress via our website, which we update monthly.
  2. Composting locations have increased from 9 to 45, and Concordia has committed to maintaining this rate of expansion. Locations are also listed on our website, updated as more locations are added.
  3. We have merged with Environmental Health and Safety's new inidiative, the Student Sustainability Ambassador Program, to institutionalize our volunteer management beyond the lifetime of Waste Not, Want Not.

Why we need your help

We are currently in our last year of Concordia Council on Student Life (CCSL) funding, and are working hard to integrate Waste Not, Want Not principles into policies and procedures at Concordia. To do this, we need to keep our collaboration running for an additional two or three years. Your contributions will help us fund our activities for this period.

Beyond financial support, your contribution demonstrates the commitment of the Concordia community, reinforcing the importance of a sustainable composting program. 

Help us effect change at Concordia and beyond!


514-848-2424, ext. 3884 or 1-888-777-3330

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