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Fee payment deadlines

Summer courses

Term Length:

May - August

Fees due:

All summer fees – with the exception of second term summer classes 1 – become due May 1
Second term summer fees become due as of July 1.

Payment Deadline:

The final payment deadline is May 31, after which, late payment and interest fees will be applied.

1 The final payment deadline for second term summer classes is July 31, after which, late payment and interest fees will be applied. 

Consequences of non payment:


Fall courses

Term Length: September - December
Fees due: September 1
Final payment deadline: September 30
Consequences of non-payment:


Fall/Winter courses /3

Term Length: September - April
Fees due: 50% of Fall/Winter fees (/3 courses) are due on September 1
Final payment deadline: September 30
Consequences of non-payment:
Fees due: Balance of Fall/Winter Fees (/3 courses) are due on January 1
Final payment deadline: January 31


Winter courses

Term Length: January - April
Fees due: January 1
Final payment deadline: January 31
Consequences of non-payment:
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