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Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering

Section 71.100

Please note that the current version of the Undergraduate Calendar is up to date as of February 2021.


ABDESSAMAD BEN HAMZA, PhD North Carolina State University, PEng; Professor

Associate Director
JAMAL BENTAHAR, PhD Université Laval, PEng; Professor

CHADI ASSI, PhD City University of New York, PEng; Provost’s Distinction
ANJALI AWASTHI, PhD University of Metz, PEng
NIZAR BOUGUILA, PhD Université de Sherbrooke, PEng
MOURAD DEBBABI, PhD Université de Paris
RACHIDA DSSOULI, PhD Université de Montréal
ROCH GLITHO, PhD Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
AMIN HAMMAD, PhD Nagoya University
CHUN WANG, PhD University of Western Ontario, PEng
LINGYU WANG, PhD George Mason University, PEng
AMR YOUSSEF, PhD Queen’s University, PEng
YONG ZENG, PhD University of Calgary, PEng

Associate Professors
JEREMY CLARK, PhD University of Waterloo
MOHAMMAD MANNAN, PhD Carleton University
ARASH MOHAMMADI, PhD York University
ANDREA SCHIFFAUEROVA, PhD Université de Montréal
JIA YUAN YU, PhD McGill University

Assistant Professors
MOHSEN GHAFOURI, PhD École Polytechnique de Montréal
WALTER LUCIA, PhD University of Calabria
SURYADIPTA MAJUMDAR, PhD Concordia University
FARNOOSH NADERKHANI, PhD University of Toronto
JUN YAN, PhD University of Rhode Island

AYDA BASYOUNI, PhD Concordia University

Affiliate Professors
PRABIR BHATTACHARYA, PhD University of Oxford
URSULA EICKER, PhD Heriot Watt University
RUIXUAN LI, PhD Huazhong University of Science and Technology
JÜRGEN SCHUMACHER, PhD University of Oldenburg
ALF ZUGENMAIER, PhD University of Freiburg, Germany

Affiliate Associate Professors
FRANÇOIS COSQUER, PhD Technical University of Lisbon
STEPHANE DUFRESNE, PhD Georgia Institute of Technology
BENJAMIN FUNG, PhD Simon Fraser University, PEng
FREDDY LECUE, PhD École des Mines de Saint‑Étienne
HADI OTROK, PhD Concordia University
KHALED SHABAN, PhD University of Waterloo
SANAA SHARAFEDDINE, PhD Technical University of Munich
FAYI ZHOU, PhD University of Alberta

Affiliate Assistant Professors
ASHKAN EBADI, PhD Concordia University
AIMAN HANNA, PhD Concordia University, PEng
ABBAS JAVADTALAB, PhD University of Ottawa
MAURICE KHABBAZ, PhD Concordia University
BABAK KHOSRAVIFAR, PhD Concordia University
MARIE JOSIE MONTPETIT, PhD École Polytechnique

For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.


Sir George Williams Campus
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Complex, Room: EV 007.640
514‑848‑2424, ext. 5847


The Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary fundamental research and R&D learning institute, housing state‑of‑the‑art research in innovative applications of information systems to a wide range of areas, among them systems, telecommunications, software development, electronics, multimedia, aerospace, finance and banking, automotive, manufacturing, and building and construction management.
The Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering offers only graduate programs.

2021-2022 Concordia University Undergraduate Calendar

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