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71.10 Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
  71.10.1 Programs Offered
  71.10.2 Admission Requirements
  71.10.3 Academic Regulations
  71.10.4 Registration Regulations
  71.10.5 Graduation Regulations
  71.10.6 Availability of Programs
  71.10.7 Curriculum Requirements and Course Sequences
  71.10.8 The Co-operative Format
  71.10.9 Concordia Institute for Aerospace Design and Innovation (CIADI)
71.20 BEng
  71.20.1 Curriculum for the Degree of BEng
  71.20.2 Extended Credit Program
  71.20.3 Accreditation by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
  71.20.4 Membership in the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec
  71.20.5 Degree Requirements
  71.20.6 General Education Elective
  71.20.7 Writing Skills Requirement
  71.20.8 C.Edge (Career Edge) and Accelerated Career Experience Options
  71.20.9 Certificate in Science and Technology
71.30 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  71.30.1 Course Requirements (BEng in Electrical Engineering)
  71.30.2 Course Requirements (BEng in Computer Engineering)
71.40 Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
  71.40.1 Course Requirements (BEng in Mechanical Engineering)
  71.40.2 Course Requirements (BEng in Industrial Engineering)
71.50 Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  71.50.1 Course Requirements (BEng in Building Engineering)
  71.50.2 Course Requirements (BEng in Civil Engineering)
71.55 Aerospace Engineering
71.60 Engineering Course Descriptions
  Engineering and Computer Science - ENCS
  Engineering- ENGR
  Aerospace Engineering - AERO
  Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering - BCEE
  Building Engineering - BLDG
  Civil Engineering - CIVI
  Computer Engineering - COEN
  Electrical Engineering - ELEC
  Concordia Institute for Aerospace Design and Innovation - IADI
  Industrial Engineering - INDU
  Mechanical Engineering - MECH
  - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - MIAE
71.70 Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
  71.70.1 Curriculum for the Degree of Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Computer Science
  71.70.2 Degree Requirements (BCompSc)
  71.70.3 Extended Credit Program
  71.70.4 Honours Program
  71.70.5 Minor in Computer Science
  71.70.6 Programs Related to Computer Science
  71.70.7 C.Edge (Career Edge) Option and Reflective Learning Courses
  71.70.8 Curriculum for the Degree of BEng in Software Engineering
  71.70.9 Degree Requirements for the BEng in Software Engineering
  71.70.10 Course Descriptions
    Computer Science
    Software Engineering
71.75 Computer science in Health and Life Sciences
  71.75.1 Curriculum for the Degree of BCompSc in Health and Life Sciences
  71.75.2 Degree Requirements
  71.75.3 Extended Credit Program
  71.75.4 Honours Program
  71.75.5 The Co‑operative and C.Edge (Career Edge) Option
71.80 Computation Arts and Computer Science
71.85 Mathematics and Statistics and Computer Science
71.90 Centre for Engineering in Society
71.100 Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
71.105 Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
71.110 Complementary Studies for Engineering and Computer Science Students
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