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16.1 General Information
  16.1.1 Academic Year
  16.1.2 Credit System
  16.1.3 Registration for Courses
  16.1.4 Cancellation of Classes
  16.1.5 Withdrawal
  16.1.6 Studies at Other Universities
  16.1.7 Student Request Committees
  16.1.8 Graduation
  16.1.9 High Academic Achievement
  16.1.10 Student Record
  16.1.11 Grading System
  16.1.12 Official Transcript of Credits
16.2 Curriculum Regulations
  16.2.1 Modifications to Academic Programs and Regulations
  16.2.2 Residence Requirements
  16.2.3 Degree Regulations
  16.2.4 Concentration Requirements
  16.2.5 Writing Skills Requirement
  16.2.6 Repetition of Courses
16.3 Evaluation, Administrative Notations, Examinations, and Performance Requirements
  16.3.1 Evaluation
  16.3.2 Language of Instruction and Examinations
  16.3.3 Failing Grades and Administrative Notations
  16.3.4 Administrative Notations “CODE,” “CUC,” “DEF,” “DISC,” “DNE,” “DNW,” “EREM,” “EX,” “EXCL,” “EXTR,” “INC,” “INIT,” “LATE,” “MED,” “PEND,” “PEX,” “PTR,” “REPT,” “RPT,” “SRCR,” “SREP,” “SUPP,” “TRC,” “TREM,” “VALD,” “WRKT”
  16.3.5 Late Completion of Courses with “INC” Notations ─ Procedures and Regulations
  16.3.6 In Progress “IP” Notations — Procedures and Regulations — Faculty of Arts and Science
  16.3.7 Examinations
  16.3.8 Deferred “DEF,” Medical “MED” Notations and Supplemental Examinations — Procedures and Regulations
  16.3.9 Academic Re‑evaluation
  16.3.10 Academic Performance
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