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Table of Contents

Faculty of Arts and Science ▶ 31
Arts and Science 31.001
Programs and Admission Requirements 31.002
Degree Requirements 31.003
General Education 31.004
Adult Education (see §31.090.2)
Applied Human Sciences 31.010
Biology 31.030
Chemistry and Biochemistry 31.050
Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics 31.060
  Course Descriptions
Arabic (Modern Standard)
Chinese (Modern)
Modern Languages
Communication Studies 31.070
Economics 31.080
Education 31.090
  Course Descriptions
Information Studies
Library Studies
Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL)
English as a Second Language (ESL)
English 31.100
English as a Second Language (see §31.090.1)
Études françaises 31.110
Geography, Planning and Environment 31.130
Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology 31.120
History 31.160
Interdisciplinary Elective Groups (see §31.170)
Interdisciplinary Studies 31.170
      Certificate in Arts and Science
      Certificate in Science Foundations
      Individually Structured Program
      Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality
      Israel Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality (see §31.560)
Journalism 31.180
Mathematics and Statistics 31.200
Philosophy 31.220
Physics 31.230
Political Science 31.240
Psychology 31.250
Recreation and Leisure Studies (see §31.010)
Religions and Cultures 31.270
Sociology and Anthropology 31.310
Southern Asia Studies (see §31.270)
Teaching of English as a Second Language (see §31.090.1)
Theological Studies 31.330
Urban Planning and Urban Studies (see §31.130.1)
Women's Studies (see §31.560)
Co-operative Education 31.515
Liberal Arts College 31.520
Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability 31.525
School of Irish Studies 31.530
School of Community and Public Affairs 31.540
      First Peoples Studies  
      Immigration Studies  
Science College 31.550
Simone de Beauvoir Institute and Women's Studies 31.560

Faculty of Fine Arts ▶ 81
Programs and Admission Requirements 81.10
Degree Requirements 81.20
Interdisciplinary Studies in Fine Arts 81.30
      Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality  
Art Education 81.40
Art History 81.50
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema 81.60
Contemporary Dance 81.70
Creative Arts Therapies 81.80
Design and Computation Arts 81.90
Music 81.100
      Course Descriptions
      Electroacoustics Studies
      Jazz Studies
      Jazz History
      Jazz Performance
      Music History
      Music Performance
Studio Arts 81.110
      Studio Art 81.110.1
      Ceramics 81.110.2
      Fibres and Material Practices 81.110.3
      Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts) 81.110.4
      Painting and Drawing 81.110.5
      Photography 81.110.6
      Print Media 81.110.7
      Sculpture 81.110.8
      Course Descriptions
      Art Studio
      Art Theory
      Fibres and Material Practices

      Print Media
Theatre 81.120

Librarians 100.10
Retired Full-Time Faculty 100.20
Awards, Prizes and Scholarships ▶ 200
Graduate Programs ▶ 300
Index(only available in the PDF version)  
      24-Month Calendar
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