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Retired Full-Time Faculty

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The following information was updated as of October 1, 2020.

2020 Retirements

ACEMIAN, Nancy, PhD Concordia University; Centre for Engineering in Society
COLLINS, Laura, PhD Concordia University; Education
DI MICHELE, Mary, MA University of Windsor; English
LAURENCE, Jean-Roch, PhD Concordia University; Psychology
LERNER, Loren, PhD Université de Montréal; Art History
MASSICOTTE, Mia, MLS McGill University; Systems Librarian (Webster)
WERNER, Janet, MFA Yale University; Studio Arts

2019 Retirements

APRIL, Raymonde, BA Université Laval; Provost’s Distinction; Studio Arts
BHAT, Rama B., PhD Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, ing.; Provost’s Distinction; Department of Mechanical,
Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

BRODY, Josef, PhD Carleton University; Mathematics and Statistics
BUI, Tien D., PhD York University, ing.; Computer Science and Software Engineering
CURTIS, Sandra, PhD Concordia University; Creative Arts Therapies
ELLIOTT, David, MFA Concordia University; Studio Arts
GITTES, Tobias Foster, PhD Columbia University; Liberal Arts College
HONG, Henry, PhD Concordia University, ing.; Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering
KRANTZ, Frederick H., PhD Cornell University; Liberal Arts College
MARSDEN, Catharine, PhD McGill University, PEng; Centre for Engineering in Society
MORELLI, François, MFA Rutgers University; Studio Arts
POULIN, Sonia, MLS McGill University; Reference and Subject Librarian (Vanier)
ROJAS-BENAVENTE, Lady, PhD Université Laval; Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics (Spanish)
SEGOVIA-ZAPIAIN, Juan J., PhD Université de Paris-Dauphine; Accountancy
SILVERMAN, Yehudit, MA Lesley University; Creative Arts Therapies

2018 Retirements

BHABRA, Harjeet, PhD University of Missouri-Columbia; Finance
CHARLAND, Maurice, PhD University of Iowa; Communication Studies
CLARK, Tim, MFA MA Concordia University; Studio Arts
GABRIAL, Brian, PhD University of Minnesota; Journalism
MENDELL Marguerite, PhD McGill University; Provost’s Distinction; School of Community and Public Affairs
PETRUSHKA-BORDAN, Tima, MA McGill University; Management
POIRIER, Maben, PhD McGill University; Political Science
ROTH, Lorna, PhD Concordia University; Provost’s Distinction; Communication Studies
SIERPINSKA, Anna, PhD Krakow Higher School of Pedagogy; Mathematics and Statistics

2017 Retirements

ADAMS, Liselyn, DipMusPerf Royal Conservatory of the Hague; Music
BERNARD, Robert, PhD University of Washington; Education
BIRD, Peter H., PhD University of Sheffield; Chemistry and Biochemistry
BOND, Eleanor, BFA University of Manitoba; Provost’s Distinction; Studio Arts
BOUCHARD, Paul, PhD Université de Montréal; Education
BRENNAN, Kit, MFA University of Alberta; Theatre
BRODT, Abraham, PhD New York University; Finance
BROWN, Jeri, MEd Kent State University; Music
BUXTON, William, PhD Free University of Berlin; Communication Studies
CAMPBELL, Bryan, PhD Université de Montréal; Economics
DANIS, Marcel, LLL Université de Montréal; Political Science
de BRENTANI, Ulrike, PhD McGill University; Marketing
DE GUERRE, Donald W., PhD Fielding Graduate University; Applied Human Sciences
DOSTALER, Isabelle, PhD University of Cambridge; Management
DYSART-GALE, Deborah, PhD University of Pittsburgh; Centre for Engineering in Society
ENGLISH, Ann M., PhD McGill University; Provost’s Distinction; Chemistry and Biochemistry
ETEZADI-AMOLI, Jamshid, PhD University of Toronto; Supply Chain and Business Technology Management
FICK, Carolyn, PhD Concordia University; History
FREIWALD, Bina, PhD McGill University; English
GARFIN, Judy, MFA Maryland Institute College of Art; Studio Arts
GOULD, Trevor, MA Carleton University; Studio Arts
HALL, Richard L., PhD University of London; Mathematics and Statistics
HANCOX, Richard, MFA Ohio University; Communication Studies
HUGHES, Lynn, Advanced Dip Vancouver School of Art; Studio Arts
KAPA, Dubravka, MSc University of Belgrade, MLIS McGill University; Associate University Librarian, Research and Graduate Studies (Vanier)
KAY, Linda, MA Concordia University; Journalism
KUMAR GOYAL, Suresh, MEng University of Strathclyde; Supply Chain and Business Technology Management
LACROIX, Louise, MFA Concordia University; Creative Arts Therapies
LAROCQUE, Jean-Pierre, MFA New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University; Studio Arts
LAYNE, Barbara, MFA University of Kansas; Studio Arts
LITTLE, Edward, PhD University of Toronto; Theatre
MACKENZIE, Catherine, PhD University of Toronto; Art History
MANNADIAR, Jay, MBA McGill University; Finance
McCARTNEY, Andra, PhD York University; Communication Studies
MONGERSON, Eric, MFA Humboldt State University; Theatre
MÜLLER, Frank, PhD Ruhr University; Economics
OPPENHEIMER, Robert J., PhD University of Toronto; Management
PARIS, David L., PhD University of Oregon, CAT(C), ATC; Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology
RAMACHANDRAN, Venkatanarayana, PhD Indian Institute of Science, PEng; Provost’s Distinction;
Electrical and Computer Engineering
REINHART, Melinda, MLIS McGill University; Reference/Selection Librarian (Webster)
ROSS, Christopher A., PhD University of Western Ontario; Marketing
ROY, Robert M., PhD University of Toronto; Biology
SAMPSON, Michael, PhD Queen’s University; Economics
SANDERS, Lionel J., PhD McMaster University; Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics (Classics)
SHAVER, Frances M., PhD Université de Montréal; Sociology and Anthropology
SHRIVASTAVA, Paul, PhD University of Pittsburgh; Management
SIGGEL, Eckhard, PhD University of Toronto; Economics
STORMS, Reginald K., PhD University of Alberta; Biology
TURNBULL, Joanne, PhD Australian National University; Chemistry and Biochemistry
VARIN, Luc, PhD Concordia.University; Biology
VILLATA, Bruno, PhD Université Laval; Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics (Italian)
WAUGH, Thomas, PhD Columbia University; Cinema
WHITE, Joanna L., PhD McGill University; Education

2016 Retirements

BAYNE, Clarence, PhD McGill University; Supply Chain and Business Technology Management
COLE, Sally, PhD University of Toronto; Sociology and Anthropology
CUMMINS, Christopher J., PhD University of Southampton; Mathematics and Statistics
DOWNIE, Peter, MA Concordia University; Journalism
DUTKEWYCH, Andrew, MFA Slade School of Art; Studio Arts
GASHER, Mike, PhD Concordia University; Journalism
LEQUIN, Lucie, PhD Concordia University; Études françaises
MASON, Sheila, PhD Purdue University; Philosophy
MILLER, John, PhD McMaster University; English
OPPENHEIM, Michael, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara; Religions and Cultures
SALVATORE, Filippo, PhD Harvard University; Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics (Italian)
SCHADE, Rosemarie, DPhil University of York (U.K.); History
SEPPANEN, Ritva, MA Concordia University; English
SZABAD-SMYTH, Linda, PhD McGill University; Art Education
VALLEJO, Catherine, PhD Université de Montréal; Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics (Spanish)

2021‑22 Concordia University Undergraduate Calendar

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