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University Teaching (Grad.Cert.)

Graduate Certificate (Grad. Cert.)
Offered by:
School of Graduate Studies

Why pursue a Graduate Certificate in University Teaching?

Gain a comprehensive understanding of pedagogical approaches in post-secondary education. Develop critical skills in student learning assessment, student diversity in development and learning, and reflective practice that will inform your instructional methods.

The Graduate Certificate in University Teaching provides an opportunity for you to plan and deliver a university course in your area of specialization. Under the mentorship of Vivek Venkatesh (Associate professor in the Department of Education) working with Robert Cassidy (Directory of the Centre for Teaching and Learning) and in partnership with the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), you will create a portfolio that prepares you for employment applications at higher education institutions. Portfolios include a teaching statement, student evaluations and strategies to improve your course content.

Benefit from an apprenticeship model that connects you with teaching fellows from Concordia’s four faculties, as well as teaching and learning consultants. Students in our program meet with their mentors and the graduate program director on a regular basis in order to receive timely feedback and criticism. You are also strongly encouraged to have staff members at the CTL observe your classes so they can offer advice on how to sharpen your teaching practices.

Open to MFA students, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows currently enrolled at Concordia, our program offers a significant advantage for individuals interested in applying for tenure-track positions. Course work and materials engage with both classic and contemporary theories of learning and instructional design, while offering advanced training in teaching strategies, course design and technology in the classroom.

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