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Certificate in the Teaching of Higher and Continuing Education (C-TEACH) Courses

Description: This course introduces students to the core concepts of teaching and learning in higher education. It specifically explores the concept of academic freedom, which underlies work in higher education, as well as the major philosophies of education and their implications to instructors, learners, and learning. Other topics explored include learner-centred instruction, contextual factors affecting learning in higher education, and teaching and learning in the disciplines in which students will be teaching.

Prerequisite/Corequisite: The following course must be completed previously: TEAC 606.

Description: This course provides students with the opportunity to apply the foundations of teaching and learning in higher education to the design of a course they will actually teach. It explains how to identify the needs underlying a course, specify the learning outcomes; prepare authentic and appropriate assessments of those objectives; design a course that incorporates the objectives and assessments; prepare a course outline and Moodle site (or site in a similar course management system); and plan individual lessons with a learner-centred focus. This course also invites students to apply the scholarship of teaching and learning in their disciplines to the design of their courses.


The following course must be completed previously: TEAC 607.

Description: This course prepares students to teach in the face-to-face and live virtual classrooms. Specifically, it explains how to prepare for class sessions—even if lesson plans are already developed—how to establish an inclusive, supportive, productive learning environment; how to engage learners during a session; how to foster learning through the facilitation of activities—including conversations on subjects such as equity, anti-racism, decolonization, and similar topics, responses to questions that arise and management of the class; and how to assess whether students have mastered the material before moving onto another unit. This course also helps students adjust their skills for different instructional media.

Prerequisite/Corequisite: The following course must be completed previously: TEAC 608.

Description: This internship and related instruction is an opportunity for students to teach one 3-credit university, Cegep, or college course, or one 39-hour Continuing Education course in their discipline using the materials developed in TEAC 607 and to reflect on the experience. This course specifically helps nascent instructors practice classroom facilitation skills, receive feedback on their in-class performance, and respond to the feedback. It also provides support in areas such as the grading of assignments and the preparation of teaching portfolios, including a teaching statement and other resources expected by prospective employers. The course also offers opportunities for all students enrolled in the the internship to share and debrief with each other on their in-class teaching experiences.

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