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Civil Engineering MEng

Students must complete 45 credits of 6000 or 7000 level courses. The courses must be selected as follows:

  1. A minimum of 21 credits chosen from one of the Course Groups in List B. This set of courses may also include the project and seminar courses ENGR 6991, BCEE 6961 or the industrial training course ENCS 6931.

    Note: Students who have taken ENCS 6931 cannot take any of the following three courses: ENGR 6971, ENGR 6981 or ENGR 6991; and vice-versa.

  2. A minimum of 12 credits chosen from those Course Groups of List B other than the group chosen in (1) above. These groups of courses could include special program courses put on for or by a given industry in conjunction with the Gina Cody School.

  3. A maximum of 12 credits chosen from the Engineering Courses section including E72 (MBA courses).

List B: Course Groups in Civil Engineering Program

Group 1 - Environmental Engineering and Water Resources:
Topic Areas: E04, E33, E36, E37

Group 2 - Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering:
Topic Areas: E03, E34, E35

Group 3 - Structural Engineering:
Topic Areas: E06, E31, E32

Group 4 - Construction Management:
Topic Areas: E21, E24

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