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Use Riipen to turn a class assignment into a hands-on experience for students

What is Riipen?

Riipen is the world's leading project-based learning platform that allows your students to connect with an industry partner or a community organization. You can embed experiential learning into your courses and provide students with opportunities to work on real-world problems.

Whether you have an existing project or assignment or are interested in designing an entirely new experiential learning activity, connect with an industry or community partner through the Riipen platform.

Download the Riipen overview

Télécharger l'aperçu Riipen

Why Choose Riipen

  1. Faculty can explore assignment examples from other academic institutions, and book a session with a Riipen onboarding specialist to easily design an experience that aligns to course learning outcomes and partner needs.
  2. Faculty connect with organizations from Riipen’s 17,000+ employer network, and request ready-to-go projects from our projects library. It’s always free for employers invited from Concordia’s network to participate.
  3. Once the project is underway, students and employers can communicate using in-app chat, and you can monitor student progress against milestones.
  4. Industry partners give students feedback, skills ratings, and recommendations that can be showcased on their Riipen e-portfolios.

Download Riipen's instructions for instructors


How it works

Real-world assignments made easy. Start small and scale up as your grow



Create an account


Post your assignment or start from a template


Match to local or remote organizations


Students complete projects and recieve verified feedback on skills

Riipen for faculty members

Create your educator profile on Riipen and start the assignment creation process

You will find detailed instructions and best practices for educators in the Riipen Academy.

The Riipen team is available to provide 1-1 support. You can book a consultation to discuss your course, or email with questions.

If you are interested in embedding project-based experiential learning opportunities in an upcoming course, we encourage you to post your assignment early to ensure you have adequate time to connect with the right companies.

Riipen launched the first version of its bilingual platform in January 2019, with supporting resources available in both languages over time.

Courses should be published to the platform 8 weeks before the start date of the assignment for better success in finding a partner.

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