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Top employer award

Network with the best!

Partnership is important to us. During the "Co-op Awards of Recognition Event" (CARE), we recognize employers who have created outstanding learning experiences for our students. Industry professionals in search of the best talents can network and meet students from diverse programs at our Student Showcase, followed by the award ceremony.

Join us to celebrate our partnership,

and the accomplishments of our top students!

20180524_CARE_Showcase_Todd_Bailey_Samuel_Ho_Hang_Cheong_182 Todd Bailey, Pratt & Whitney, Student Choice Award, nominated by Samuel Ho Hang Cheong, CARE 2018

Shopify Bombardier, Kiewit, E2IP Technologies
2019 Fidelity Investments, Fundica, Genetec, CSL Group SAP, Beast Group Inc., Office of the Auditor General of Canada
2018 Bombardier, CN, Knox Technologies Inc., Matrox, Mega Brands Pratt & Whitney, Fidelity Investments, Mega Brands Inc.
2017 Medisca, CAE, Morgan Stanley, Nuance Communications, Ubisoft Sun Life Finance, L’Oréal Canada, Lockheed Martin Canada


Nomination forms are sent out in February

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