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We facilitate the entire hiring process by promoting work-term offers and arranging interviews.

Some employers may hire up to 20 students per semester. Others have fluctuating needs and may hire just one or two for special projects and campaigns, or as replacements for parental leaves or sabbaticals.

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First-time employer?

Welcome! Send an email to coopinstitute@concordia.ca or call us weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST): 514-848-2424 ext. 3950 for instructions on submitting a job description or if you have any other questions. Or click bellow to register directly onto our online system COMPASS. Scroll down for more information on the hiring process.

Returning employer?

You can post your job desciption yourself on our online system COMPASS after creating a profile or send it to the Institute if you encounter any issues. We’ll post the jobs within five business days unless otherwise specified by you. Students can also apply directly via your website or by email. Click bellow to log in and post on COMPASS.

Hiring Process

After you've read about the Co-op program's characteristics and the salary guidelines, you are ready to hire a student.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Decide when to hire a student
  • Our internships run parallel to university semesters. 
  • If you post an internship in September, the student will work for you in January.
  • In some cases, internships can be extended. 
  • Click here to learn about our important dates
Posting icon
2. Post a job description
  • The more detail included, the better. 
  • Specify the number of positions offered, along with application deadline and the start date, if these have been established.
  • Job description template.
  • Scroll back up for more information.
  • Pair your posting with an event or information session for potential candidates to learn about you and your team
Interview icon
3. Shortlist and interview candidates
  • Select candidates and schedule interviews on Compass.
    (verify title & document, how to schedule)
  • Please be sure to include your contact information (i.e. telephone number, email address).
  • Interview candidates at your location, by phone or video call.
  • How to attract top talent: Interview template
Offer icon
4. Rank applicants and make an offer
  • After completing all interviews, submit your rankings on Compass.
  • Once you've ranked your preferred candidates, we will manage the selections and offers made to students. 
  • We will connect you with the student(s) once they have confirmed their acceptance.

Supervision & Evaluation

During the internship, the supervisor is required to:

  • Meet with the intern to determine personal and professional objectives for the internship
  • Provide support to the student throughout the internship
  • Complete a mid-term and final evaluation form to provide feedback on the intern’s learning and development
  • If applicable, review the student's internship report to ensure that there are no confidentiality issues prior to submission

Onboarding your interns

 Consult the guide [PDF 267KB]

  • Plan before the intern arrives – Onboarding logistics
  • Set your interns up for success
  • On the job learning – Provide guidance, coaching & mentoring
  • Encourage contributions, active engagement & give recognition
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