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Tax credits and funding

Tax credits for Quebec companies

The Quebec government's Tax Credits for Practicums in the Workplace allows certain Quebec-based companies to claim between 24 to 40% of a student's salary and a percentage for training costs. For more information, please visit Revenue Quebec's website or call 1-800-567-4692.


Funding to hire students

  • For Companies: The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Experience Award offers up to $4,500 to Canadian-based companies to hire Science or Engineering students for 16 weeks of work for Research and Development initiatives.
  • For Companies and Academics: Biotalent and ECOCanada SWILP funding offers companies and universities working in the Biotechnology and Ecological sectors with up to $7,000 and 70% of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and/or Business student's salary for a 16-week Co-op work term. For more information, please contact Lucia Plescia, Co-op Program Coordinator, at
  • For Companies and Non-Profit Organizations: Canada Summer Jobs helps non-profit organizations, public sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to hire students (any program) for the Summer
  • For Companies, Parapublic and Non-Profit Organizations: The Young Canada Works program allows eligible employers to benefit from wage subsidies and access to a pool of talented youth with innovative ideas and competitive skills (students from any program)
  • For Companies: The National Research Council of Canada (NSERC) offers funding to businesses to hire students from Ecology/Environmental based programs that align with green economy sectors or industries that produce an environmental benefit through the Youth Green Employment Program
  • Companies and Academics: Mitacs helps to employ top Canadian graduate level researchers from multiple programs with companies through funding opportunities
  • For Students: The T1-M Moving Expenses Deduction allows students to claim moving expenses if you moved to work, including summer employment
  • For SMEs and non-profit organizations: The JMSB Sustainable Internship Program (SIP) offers funding for internships that demonstrate a sustainability component in the job description (whether sustainability is a mandate of the organization or not). The funding allows for a $3000 stipend, which can be added to the salary or stipend provided by the employer. For more information, please contact Sally Craig, Co-op Program Coordinator, at



Other funding

  • Companies: Sustainable Development Technology Canada offers financing to eligible companies developing clean technologies
  • Companies and Non-Profit Organizations: Organizations seeking support for culture, history and sport can see a list of funding opportunities through Heritage Canada
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