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About the project

Proposed in light of events pertaining to Black Lives Matter and the BIPOC community in Montreal and beyond, this pilot project assembles courses at all levels of the university curriculum that critically engage BIPOC content. BIPOC, in this project, encompasses Black, Indigenous and people of colour, respecting our distinct histories, experiences of systemic racism, and needs for transformational change. Our aim is to gather these resources for BIPOC community members and allies in order to make visible the BIPOC-related course offerings across the university.

The courses below have been placed into two categories based on their level of engagement with BIPOC issues, perspectives, and content. BIPOC-focused courses are those that have been identified by the professor as having 70% or more BIPOC content. Courses that still critically engage with BIPOC topics and range from 50-70% content are identified with an *. BIPOC-related courses are those that touch on BIPOC content in a number of classes or readings, but the majority of the course focuses on a different subject/perspective. Finally, all courses have been identified as either BIPOC or a combination thereof to highlight the predominant focus of the course content. All courses included on this list were submitted by their respective instructors in response to a University-wide invitation in July 2020.

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