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Reducing and discarding waste

Check out these posters for the information you need about how to reduce and sustainably discard of waste on campus. For more information and resources, check out the Zero Waste page, or visit the Centre for Creative Reuse.

Reducing & Discarding Waste - CUCCR

Sustainable paper use

A guide for buying sustainable paper and reducing paper use.

Take a look at the poster or visit the Rethink Paper page for more information.

Recycling paper

Recycle paper at Concordia and help save trees.

Take a look at the poster or visit the Rethink Paper page for more information.

Recycling containers and bags

Many types of plastic, glass, paper, or metal containers can be recycled at Concordia.

Take a look at the poster or visit the Waste Audits page for more information.

Composting organics

About 40% of Concordia’s waste can be composted—find out how!

Take a look at the poster or visit the Concordia Composting page for more information.

Landfill waste

Discover which things can’t be reused, composted, or recycled.

Take a look at the poster or visit the Waste Audits page for more information.

Coffee cups

Here at Concordia, the cups are recyclable and the lids go in the trash.

Take a look at the poster or visit the Coffee Cup Waste page for more information.


Find out what to do with all your electronics after you can no longer use them.

Take a look at the poster or visit the E-waste page for more information.

Low-waste offices

A handy flyer about what the low-waste office initiative is and how to use the mini-bins. Take a look at the poster or visit the low waste office page for more information.

Take a look at the flyer

Donating for reuse

Don’t forget your option to reuse before you recycle! Find out what can be donated at the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse.

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