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Sustainable Offices - Waste Not Want Not

Sustainable Office Guide

Find out how you can bring sustainable habits into your office or department! Learn about our Sustainable Office Guide.

Sustainable Event Planning - Presidential meet & greet 2011

Sustainable Event Planning

Looking to put on an event? Why not make it as sustainable as possible? Visit the Sustainable Event Planning page to get access to our sustainable event guide and learn about sustainable event certification.

Reducing & Discarding Waste - CUCCR

Reducing and discarding waste on campus

What can I compost? Can we recycle coffee cups at Concordia? What is available near me to reduce the amount of waste I produce? Find out how to contribute to our zero waste program on campus.

Sustainability Contacts - Faisal Shennib

Bike parking & amenities

Where can you find bike parking on campus? Where are the nearby bike paths located? Where can you perform bike repairs? Check out our map of bike parking and amenities at our two campuses.

Reducing & Discarding Waste - CUCCR

Sustainable resource guide

Wondering how to be sustainable at the SGW campus? Sustainable Concordia has you covered with their Sustainable Resource Map & guide. Orient yourself around sustainability services on campus with this handy document and map.

Reducing & Discarding Waste - CUCCR

Library Sustainability Research Guide

The Concordia Library Sustainability Research Guide offers sustainability research resources to students, staff and faculty. It includes databases, books, films,and journals, as well as online tools and resources to help you in your sustainability research.

Sustainability Contacts - Faisal Shennib

Sustainability contacts

Find out who to contact for sustainability-related queries.

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