Request a waste bin

How it works

Requesting a waste bin is now easier than ever!

  1. Fill out our waste bin request form based on your needs
  2. We'll get back to you before 3 business days are up.
  3. If any clarifications are needed, we'll contact you and arrange for a site visit if needed.
  4. Once we are set, we'll confirm your request and provide an estimated delivery date.  

Our policies

In order to help improve your customer experience and to help Concordia align with best practices for waste management, we have implemented the following policies:

  • All waste bins must be requested through our waste bin request form.
  • Any new waste stations or bins must be approved through us.
  • Unapproved waste bins and stations will not be serviced by custodians.
  • Desk-side trash bins are no longer provided at offices (learn about our Zero Waste Office initiative)
  • Wheelie bins cannot be permanently placed in public corridors
  • Trash bins must be accompanied by recycling and composting options

What do you need a waste bin for?

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