Recycling at Concordia

Why recycle?

Help Concordia reach its Zero Waste objective by properly sorting your recyclable materials! Along with organics, recyclable materials make up the most substantial part of Concordia's waste stream.

Recycling is an important option in the sustainable resource management hierarchy. If you can reduce and reuse, choose those first, but recycling is still an effective option on the whole. The most important thing to remember is that the more people sort their waste correctly, the better recycling works.

Read on for more information about what goes in which bin, and what happens to your sorted waste at Concordia.

What's recyclable at Concordia

Concordia's recycling rules are slightly different than those in municipal recycling systems. We place posters and stickers on our waste bins to help guide you, but sometimes your item may not be represented!

Contact us at for any questions on what goes where. For municipal recycling rules, use RecycQuebec's Ca Va Ou app.

Where can I recycle on campus?

Concordia offers mixed recycling collection bins at most waste stations on campus, as well as paper recycling bins in locations that generate significant volumes of paper waste (like photocopy rooms). If you think we missed an opportunity for a recycling bin placement, use our waste bin request form to make a suggestion.


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