E-waste at Concordia

Concordia offers electronic waste recycling to both on-campus departments and the community at large. Read on for details of what is and isn't accepted and download our one-page guide.

Types of e-waste collected

Toner cartridges


Concordia Offices: Toner cartridges from internal Xerox machines are collected by DPrint. Contact x2400 for pick-up. Label boxes to: DPrint, S- LB018-3.

Look up your nearest Eco-Centre for a convenient location to recycle toner cartridges.



Drop off batteries at the following locations:


  • ECSA (B 2)
  • CSU Office (Hall 7th floor)
  • Geography Reading Room (Hall 12th floor, H-1254)
  • LB Campus Corner (LB 1st floor)
  • MB IITS desk (MB S2.145)
  • EHS (GM 10th floor)
  • Facilities Management (GM 11th floor)


  • Communication Studies (CJ 3.233)
  • Biology (SP 301.01)
  • Applied Human Sciences (VE 223.03)
  • Vanier Library (VL 102-4)

Contact zerowaste@concordia.ca to set up a battery collection box at your office.

Contact x2400 when full for pick-up. 

Visit Call2Recycle for off-campus battery recycling locations.

CFL Bulbs


When CFL bulbs are recycled, the glass is salvaged while the mercury content is safely disposed.  
Contact x2400 when full for pick-up to dispose of CFL bulbs on campus.

Visit RecycFluo to find a drop-off site nearest to you.

Incandescent bulbs


These bulbs cannot be recycled. Safely dispose of them in the trash by wrapping them in a protective material such as several layers of newspaper.


Desktops, monitors, laptops and other large e-waste

Concordia Offices: Contact the IITS service desk at x7613 or help@concordia.ca to submit a request to discard equipment. Usable items will be wiped and reused internally or donated. Unusable items will be sent out for certified e-waste recycling.

Bi-annual on campus large e-waste collection
Concordia organizes collection events each Fall and Spring for large e-waste. Stay tuned for a regular schedule to be posted.

Look up your nearest Eco-Centre for a convenient location to recycle large e-waste.

Small electronics and ink cartridges

Electrobacs are available for the community to drop off their chargers, cables, peripherals, small electronics and ink cartridges.

Find an electrobac station at the following locations:

  • Hall 2nd Floor
  • LB Lobby
  • EV Basement (near Jugo Juice)
  • MB Lobby

Visit Electrobac's website to find an off-campus Electrobac near you.

Corroded and other hazardous items

Do you have corroded batteries or other items you believe may be hazardous? Check out the hazardous waste disposal page for procedures or contact hazardouswaste@concordia.ca.

Look up your nearest Eco-Centre for a convenient location to dispose of hazardous materials.

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