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Concordia Re-Tech (CRT)

Repairing / Repurposing / Reusing Electronics 

The Concordia Re-tech project is a student, staff, and faculty-driven project that will make Concordia University‚Äôs unwanted technology available for reuse to the wide community. These items will be collected from IITS, from technology depots and labs across both campuses, and through donations from community members. Student staff and volunteers will assess the e-waste and make them available either as-is or for parts. The impact of the project will be meticulously tracked through a database that categorizes the items and their usage for the environmental and financial impact. Our team will provide workshops, know-how, and a space to safely explore and work with e-waste, providing a backdrop for critical reflection and research on the consumption and disposal culture and policies of electronics.


  • Provide a no-cost/low-cost option for student tech needs
  • Reduce emissions from production of electronics and prevent toxic chemicals from reaching the landfill
  • Nurture a critical and creative lens on the design and consumption of tech and develop know-how on e-waste reuse
  • Create a model operation for e-waste reuse and support research capacity
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