Donate Materials

* Please note that we only take material donations from within Concordia University.

But first…What We Don’t Want

Textbooks, Course Packs, Toxic/Hazardous Wastes, Oil Paints, Solvents, Furniture, Styrofoam, VHS tapes, Computers/Printers/Cell Phones, Used Medical Containers, Medical Equipment, Personal Care Items (toothbrushes, combs, soap…), Clothing, Dishes, Toilet Paper Rolls, Auto Parts/Tires, Scented Items, Used Take-Out containers, Tin Cans, Housewares, Newspapers, etc.


Driftwood, Wooden Dowels, Moulding and Wood Pieces (good condition, no nails/staples etc.), Wooden Boxes, Popsicle Sticks, Plywood.


Canvases/Canvas Boards, Fibers, Rope, Yarn, Crochet Thread, Embroidery Floss, Bolts of Fabric, Fabric Pieces, Fabric Samples Books, Fake Fur, Felt, Burlap, Vinyl, Velvet, Upholstery Fabric, Lace, Trim, Ribbon, Seam Binding.


Packaging corners, Vinyl signs, Buckets, Film Canisters, Film Reels, Slides, Plastic Boxes/Bins, Plexiglas, Bubble Wrap, Rubber Tubing, CD’s, cassette tapes, Crystal cases.


Sketchbooks, Art Paper (Watercolour/Drawing), Off Cuts, Paper Rolls, Maps, Blueprints, Anatomical Drawings, Mechanical Manuals, Art Books, Illustrated Books, Graph Paper, Posters, Photographs, Calendars (with pictures), Stickers, Wallpaper Samples, Origami Paper, Lined Paper, Construction Paper, Handmade Paper, Prints, Ephemera (Vintage Advertising, Pamphlets, Decals, Postages Stamps), Old Magazines, Mat Board, Sign Board, Foam Core.


Jars, Glass Beakers, Test Tubes, Mirrors. Wire, Sheet Metal, Pipe Cleaners, Nails Screws, Hinges, Old Keys, Pennies, Ornate Metal Pieces, Silverware, Nails, Screws, Casters, Zippers, Snaps

Office Supplies

Folders, Binders, Unused Receipt Books/Note Pads, Dividers Glue, Tape, Staples/staplers, Scissors, Chalk, Pens/Pencils, Erasers, Markers, Lanyards, Nametags, Labels, Transparencies.

Tools & equipment

Hand Tools, Framing Supplies, Canvas Stretchers, Mat Cutters, Framing Hardware, Carving Tools, Carving Tools, Glue Guns.

Art/Craft Supplies and Misc.

Paint, Brushes, Charcoal, Crayons, Ink, Pastels, Markers, Pencils, Chalk, Easels, Fabric Dyes, Ceramic Glazes, Beads, Buttons, Clay, Staples, Stamps/Stamp Pads, Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Costume Jewellery pieces, Wire, Sheet Metal, Pipe Cleaners, Cardboard Tubes, Paper Clips, Spools, Pine Cones, Shells, Slides, Board Game Boards, Bulletin Boards, Frames (with or without glass), Magnets.

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