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Procedure mask recycling

At Concordia, masks are recycled.

Government directive

On February 15th, 2021, new directives from the Government of Quebec mandated that procedure masks be worn to access university campuses. 

  • Anyone entering Concordia buildings must wear a procedure mask (i.e., the blue and white surgical type). Reusable or cloth face coverings are no longer acceptable.

In response to this, the Zero Waste Program and Environmental Health and Safety are working with an external recycling partner (GoZero) to reduce Concordia’s mask waste.

  • The masks will be separate into three parts: elastics, nose clip and filter.

  • The nose clip is 100% recyclable aluminum.

  • The filter part will be shredded and made into new useful products. 

Mask recycling bin locations

Downtown (SGW)

  • Hall building security desk
  • LB building security desk
  • MB building security desk
  • EV building security desk
  • FB building security desk
  • GN building, past the turn styles
  • VA building secuity desk


  • VL building security desk
  • SP building security desk
  • PC building security desk

Our recycling partner

GoZero / Medsup

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