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Coffee Cup Waste

Coffee cups are the single largest item sent to the landfill at Concordia. We send 60 tonnes of coffee cup waste to the landfill each year.

Learn how to recycle and reduce your coffee cup waste and pass on the message.

Coffee Cups

Coffee cups are recyclable at Concordia!

NEW: #5 lids are recyclable!

#6 lids go in the trash.

Reduce waste: use a reusable mug!

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Concordia-branded mugs available at Concordia Stores.

Use your reusable mug and get discounts on hot beverages at most cafes at Concordia.

Earth Day Campaign

Earth Day 2014 - Promoting reusable coffee mugs to reduce waste

On Earth Day 2014, EHS-Sustainability raised awareness of coffee cup waste and provided staff members of the GM building with the opportunity to buy reusable mugs and get free coffee. Read on for more information about the event.


Visit our reducing and discarding waste resources page to get helpful posters for your space!  

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