Abandoned bike procedures

The Abandoned Bike Procedure has been implemented at Concordia to reduce the amount of abandoned bicycles on campus. The Abandoned, Lost, and Forgotten Movable Bicycle Procedure aims to ensure that bicycle parking spaces are available to active cyclists.

Campus bicycle parking facilities are limited and designed for temporary parking of bicycles in active use, and not for long-term storage. Abandoned bicycles reduce the number of parking spaces available to active cyclists and can cause safety, accessibility, and aesthetic issues.

Any bicycle considered to be an Abandoned Bicycle will be impounded in order to maintain adequate, safe, and accessible bicycle parking. All removed bicycles will remain in storage for a period of 90 days, during which time they may be claimed by their owner. Should a bicycle not be claimed within the 90 days allotted, it will be donated or recycled.

Bicycle sweeps will take place approximately twice a year.

Read the complete Abandoned Bicycle Procedure (PDF - 256 KB)


If your bike has been tagged or removed,
please visit a Concordia Security Desk or call 514-848-2424, 3717  

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